Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Free Crochet Pattern- Soft and Simple Baby Washcloth

It's simple and fun to whip these washcloths up.  I use them so much.
They are nice and big, great for covering up baby's belly to keep them warm in the tub and easy to wrap around your hand for washing. I use mine every day! In the photos I didn't chain loosely so the bottom is a little uneven but if you chain loosely it will be even.  
I don't always make them the same so I decided to figure out a pattern, my first pattern!
What You'll Need
Size H hook
WW cotton yarn
Tapestry Needle for weaving in ends
Row 1: ch. 23 very loosely, sc in 2nd chain from hook,  sc across. (22 sc)
Row 2-24: ch1, turn, sc across. Do not end off. (22 sc)
You can change colors here if you like.
Border: ch2, dc all the way around, placing 3 dc in each corner stitch. Join with first dc, end off.
Weave in all loose ends.
Enjoy! I think I will have to write out my face cloth pattern and share it with you soon. Nicely textured in hdc to help buff off dry skin.
This is a super simple pattern but, if you have any questions just leave a comment.  I will gladly get back to you.
If you make this please leave me a link to some pictures!  I would love to see them.
Please do not claim this pattern as your own, you can sell the finished product but, if you sell online please link back to this pattern. Thanks!  :)


  1. My mom has a friend who just had a baby. These would make a wonderful gift!

  2. They're fairly cheap to make too. You can get about 3 out of a ball of sugar n cream yarn. Check out my bib pattern, it would make an awesome gift also. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Nice! Madison is drooling up a storm too haha

  4. Thank you for sharing this pattern! I'm expecting a boy in June and was just going over a list of "needs" before he is born. I had wash cloths on it and got to thinking that I have plenty of cotton yarn from previous projects and I could just whip some up :) This pattern seems quick and easy and it's just what I was looking for!

  5. the unexpected- ahh babies and their drool, I am not a big fan of soaked onesies lol

    Carielle- You're welcome, actually that is how I started making the washcloths. I was due in a couple months and I never really liked the baby washcloths they sell. they are so tiny and don't lather very well. So I whipped some up. That is exactly what I do with my left over yarn now too. For example that red washcloth :P

  6. Did you ever write out the patern for your facecloth? I woud love to see it, as I have quite a few girls in my extended family and could make them for gifts. Thanks Priscilla

  7. I crochet fairly tightly, especially in the foundation chain, so I'll use a hook three sizes larger for the first chain. I then switch to the hook specified, and the bottom edge is perfectly straight. Thank you for publishing this sweet pattern. Am making some tiny "spa cloths" for a very special little boy.

  8. I just finished my first baby washcloth and I love how it turned out. Thanks for the pattern! Natasha

  9. Thank you for sharing your pattern. This is a simple pattern and I love it. I'm working on my baby wash cloth now.

  10. Thank you for sharing this simple washcloth pattern. I'm working on making one now. I appreciate your kindness in sharing.

  11. I love this pattern and am enjoying making these for my friends new babiesl. I would also like to include ones when they have a brother or sister however maybe a bit bigger,so do I just add more stiches?