Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why, hello.

Hi! My name is Lindsey. I guess I will start off my first post with a little bit about me. I am a stay at home mom to three great kids!  Madison is four, Michael is two and Nicolas will be three months on the 17th. Right now things are pretty busy here to say the least.  :-P

Well I started this blog as a place to share and document my crochet projects and I guess whatever else catches my fancy.  I learned to crochet when I was 14. Let's just say I started quite a few blankets. None of them were completed.  During both of my first two pregnancies I started blankets that I never finished. Maybe I have an issue with completing things?  ;) Well, with Nicolas I decided I was going to pull out that bag of forgotten baby blankets and finish one. Once finished,  I decided I would really like a matching hat to go with it... and that is where it started! I found a written out pattern and made a hat and then I was addicted. Well if you ever tried to find written out patterns then you know those are in short supply and crochet patterns look like they are written in some foreign language when you don't know how to read them! Well I taught myself to read them and the different stitches and went craaaaazy! Haha. No, really. I was obsessed. I made my son 3 sweaters and a pea coat and countless hats, washcloths. Recently I have been crocheting cotton bibs and I made a sweater set, bib and washcloths for a friend who just had the most adorable baby boy :) I am planning on starting an etsy shop once I create some more original patterns and/ or buy patterns I can sell from. I do have a bib on ebay currently, we'll see how that goes! Well I am working on a diaper cover so I'm gonna scoot!

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