Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crochet Monster Hat : Free Eyes and Teeth Patterns

In honor of halloween I am going to tell you all how I made my son this monster hat. I really love it, and so does he!
I started off with the earflap hat pattern from AlliCrafts, HERE. This is my go-to hat pattern for many things.
I pretty much typed "crochet monster hats" in google to find ideas for this. I am going to share my patterns for the eyes and teeth and give you the link for the horn pattern.

Monster Eyes
WW Yarn, pupil color, iris color and white
G hook
Yarn Needle
Round 1:  In pupil color (mine was dark grey) Magic Circle, ch 1, 10 sc in MC, pull tight, join to first sc and finish off , weave in end.
Round 2: Attach Iris color to a back loop on the pupil, ch 1, 2 sc in same sc and each sc around (crocheting in back loops), join to first sc, finish off and weave in end.
Round 3: Attach white to back loop of iris color,
for small eye: ch 1 and sc in same stitch and each stitch around (in back loops only) join to first sc, finish off, leaving a long tail for attaching to hat.
for large eye: Ch 2 and dc in same stitch and each stitch around (in back loops only), join to first dc and finish off leaving a long tail for attaching to hat.
For the mouth I just slip stitched across and then back right on top of the first line, the teeth are super simple too.
Monster Teeth
WW white yarn
G hook
Yarn needle
Ch 4, sc in second ch from hook, hdc, dc. finish off leaving a long tail for attaching to hat.
Told ya it was simple!
I knew I wanted devil like horns but I was unsure how to make them. I found exactly what I was looking for at Drunken Aunt Wendy's.
You can find the pattern for the horns HERE.
Sew on all your goodies however you want them!
For the braids I cut 3 long pieces if each color of yarn (green, turquoise and yellow) Pull them through at the tip of each earflap and gather each color together and braid. Knot it off and trim the excess yarn off.
Have fun with it, make a squiggly mouth, add more teeth if you like, add another row of white to an eyeball and make a cyclops!

Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm still alive!

The weather is cool and I'm back to crocheting!!!!! Yay!

    I am currently making hats for the kiddos. So far I have the baby's and my eldest child's done!  Here they are :) The brown and green one started out as an earflap hat using the pattern from   AlliCrafts but I decided to add a couple of rows and skip the earflaps.

    My daughter's hat was made using the toddler pattern for her ear flap hat and one size bigger hook, I then went to good old google and browsed photos of crocheted owl hats and made my hat how I wanted it.  :)

    I am currently working on a monster hat for my middle guy! Using the toddler size hat pattern and again I utilized google for ideas.  I should have it done tomorrow!

    I am VERY pleased with how they turned out! :D