Friday, August 10, 2012

Playdoh Fun!

I have been crocheting but don't have anything to share yet. Soooo, I have decided to use my blog to share other things I do also. I love cooking and doing fun things with the kids. Usually I Google recipes and instructions for everything!  So I'll share the links.

A couple of days ago my daughter asked to play with some playdoh. Five minutes in I hear my daughter (4) and my son (2) fighting over the lone container of green. So I  decided to find a recipe, I happened to have everything on hand so I got to work. Even small children can help with measuring and mixing the raw ingredients into the saucepan and then mama (or daddy) can cook it.

This recipe says to add the food coloring before cooking but I didn't.  I separated it into balls and then kneaded the colors in. Wear some rubber gloves or use plastic wrap to protect your hands because food coloring will definitely stain!  I also doubled the recipe, used coarse sea salt because that's all I had, used olive oil and added white glitter into it which adds a nice little shimmer.

Hands down the best playdoh ever, natural too.  We shall never buy playdoh again!!

Click here to make some

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