Friday, June 8, 2012

The Plant Life!

Sorry guys, I have taken a small hiatus from crocheting, it's been warm and I have been obsessed with my plants!
A few of them even have names :)

Ribbon Dracaena -Hector

Ginseng Ficus "bonsai"

Flaming sword bromeliad (she has a pup growing!

Golden gate peperomia(my daughter's first houseplant!)

Bush on fire Croton - Triton

Gold star croton

Golden Pothos

Some plant projects we have going on...

I have quite a few pothos cuttings sprouting in water and I am looking forward to making them into a pretty new plant.

I am doing a little "experiment" with a little ginseng ficus branch, I have it soaking in water and it has started to get little white bumps on the bottom of it. I am hopeful that these are little root nubs!

I just gave Hector the dracaena a haircut! I admit the bottom of the plant looks really sad but, I have the lush tops in water so they can root and make new plants. :) new leafy shoots should grow off the bottom part eventually too!

My daughter and I made a mini "greenhouse" out of a deep aluminum pan with a plastic lid. Two days ago we started some zinnias and moss roses in there.  We sowed the seeds in some jiffy strips and last night I saw zinnia roots and this morning we had sprouts! The moss roses also have sprouts, but they're so tiny I can't get a good picture off my phone. (I am posting from my phone ) We are going to transfer them to a large planter and put them at the top of our back stairs when they are large enough.

I just received our Mimosa Pudica seeds today! Also known as the sensitive plant, it's leaves close up when you touch it! I can't wait to start these seeds with the kids, it will be a blast!

I will do some crocheting soon, I promise!

For now it's time to find some foxtail fern seeds!  I think they are so neat!

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