Tuesday, March 4, 2014

FiberOne Protein Cereal (BzzAgent Review)

I received a box of each flavor for FREE from BzzAgent in exchange for my honest opinion!

If you have read any of my past few posts you may have noticed that I am a member of a few Word Of Mouth Product Testing Sites. BzzAgent (Which I like to call BzzBaby, because they spoil me and I love it ;p) is one of these sites. If you like reviewing things and trying new stuff for free (who doesn't right?) you should go ahead and check it out!

I like to think that I like to eat healthy. Which I do, but sometimes "healthy" products taste like crap... or cardboard. I find that cereals like this tend to taste like cardboard so I was weary of that.  I will review each flavor separately since I have different opinions of each.

Cranberry Almond
I really enjoyed the Cranberry Almond variety. I am kind of a sucker for anything with almonds and dried cranberries are delicious. I did not detect the cardboard like taste that is famous in high protein cereal. It is actually very delicious with a hint of cinnamon to it. Mmmmmm. I had some for breakfast this morning! :)
Maple and Brown Sugar
Hey, I was trying to cut down on dishes ;)
I was weary of this flavor because I usually do not enjoy it very much. I tasted a little dry to see how I would like it and my verdict is... Eh. It is really sweet and it unfortunately tastes of cardboard a little. I solved this problem by mixing it with some Coconut Chia Granola Cereal I already had and it was awesome together! I even mixed the rest of both boxes together in a cereal container. The granola hides the icky taste and I really enjoy it like that.

As for the protein and fiber in this cereal it keeps me full for a very long time. I am actually full all the way through lunch time with only a light snack, if any, between. This is awesome because it helps me start the day right and stay on track throughout the day.

Thanks to BzzBaby and FiberOne for letting me try this out!

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